Bartending Services for Chicago and Suburbs

Transform your upcoming special event from an ordinary party that will be forgotten about in a week to one that your guests will be raving about for years to come. Partner with Martini Black Professional Bartending and Event Services to leave a lasting impression of your next gathering that your family, friends, coworkers, or business partners will be talking about and using as the gold standard for all future parties.

At Martini Black Professional Bartending and Event Services we understand that organizing a successful social gathering that meets everyone’s expectations can be quite challenging, especially for those who have very little experience doing so. We also realize that the pressure to impress others can lead to disastrous effects evident in execution that is ultimately lacking in planning and preparation. Considering these factors, we have built a company based on the mission to help others create unforgettable events that will truly amaze even the most skeptical attendees.

For every event that we service, we are represented by the best trained and licensed bartenders and wait staff. As a matter of fact, many individuals on our crew our nationally recognized for their commitment to excellence in their trade as well as in customer service. Ultimately, we have built our reputation on these exceptional individuals who are professional, reliable, and consistent, and who go above and beyond the call of duty to leave a lasting impression on those who they serve. At Martini Black Professional Bartending and Event Services, offering your guests an unforgettable experience is the foundation of our company. We take into consideration a multitude of factors when assisting you in making your next event an absolute success. We can customize our services to fit your needs based on your specific preferences and wishes. Partner with us today and rest assured that every detail will be attended to.

Why choose Martini Black Professional Bartending for your next party or event?

Competitive Pricing

Worried that professional bartending services might be outside of your budget? We highly encourage you to put those worries aside and inquire about our completely customizable services that are sure to offer your options that you might not have expected.

Professional and Certified Staff

Martini Black Professional Bartending and Catering Services is represented by the best in the business: our staff is Illinois BASSET certified. Moreover, each role that is served is backed by appropriate training and certification in all instances in which it is applicable.

We have the staff you're looking for

  • Cocktail servers
  • Male bar-backs
  • Flair bartenders
  • Other specialty bartenders


Pictures and Videos from our gallery!

Pictures and videos of our past events, drink creations and amazing staff.

What people say about us

At Martini Professional Bartending and Event Services, we have been very fortunate to represent a wide variety of individuals and business with their catering and staff needs. Some of our clients include men’s and women’s professional organizations and clubs, local and state politicians, professional sports teams and their members and other private individuals who appreciate great and professional services.

Fantastic experience using Martini Black Professional Bartending to ring in my 30's with a house party! Martini Black price-matched a cheaper quote, and included the alcohol at a cheaper price than Binnys.
Lara L.

Chicago, IL

Martini Black and their associates who worked tirelessly all night serving cold beverages to a relentless crowd of revelers, many of whom didn't realize that free drinks doesn't mean no tips. If you should need their services for your next event, know that you are in good hands.
Davin L.

Chicago, IL

Had a wonderful experience with Martini Black Bartending. The staff is of course amazing and everything went smooth. The staff is friendly and professional. Had a great time!
Julie Y.

Chicago, IL


Find a customized bartending package for your event

You can be assured of getting a customized bartending package for your event – not just a "one-size-fits-all" type of price quote.